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Official's summer robe, mid 20th century
Lhasa, Tibet
Silk brocade with damask and cotton lining, gold button
Purchase 1972 C. Suydam Cutting Endowment Fund  72.17
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Interpretation: This official's robe was worn by Tsepon Shakabpa when he was the finance minister of Tibet from 1939-1951. The golden yellow silk brocade features auspicious emblems in clouds in a satin weave with the Chinese character ("longevity") in metallic gold scattered throughout. The robe is tailored in Tibetan style from imported Chinese cloth, lined with Indian printed cotton and trimmed with red silk damask. This yellow color, related to both the imperial hue of China and the dark gold of the Buddhist clergy, was restricted to lay government officials.
Keywords: Robe, Chupa, Costume, Lhasa, Tibet