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TitleSorted AscendingDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Monks in Dakini Dance Costume with Bone Ornamentsearly 2Oth century00.1713
Tibetan man with prayer wheel in his right hand, standing in front of the corner of a stone wall structureearly 20th centuryUnknown00.1714
Masked priest in religious dance, The Lord of Death in a Tibetan dance festival, in the Himalayas near the Tibet-India borderEarly 20th CenturyUnknown00.1715
the woman in the center is the wife of a military officer, and her two servants. The colonel's lady wears the costume of Lhasa, the servants are from eastern Tibet. Four pots on flowers at bottom.Early 20th CenturyUnknown00.1718
Rear view of three women of high rank, wives of officials, Gnolok women of Washi tribes wearing headressesEarly 20th CenturyUnknown00.1719
Three women of high rank, wives of officials; front view of same women as in 00.1719, here with two small childrenEarly 20th CenturyUnknown00.1720
Gelugpa Monastary at Gartok, eastern Tibet. Center building is the temple and the lamas live in cloistered cells under the wallEarly 20th CenturyUnknown00.1721
Yak caravan, Indus Valley, Western Tibet, yak at center, man in foregroundEarly 20th CenturyUnknown00.1722
Yak caravan fording a stream, three men on horse backEarly 20th CenturyUnknown00.1723
Man crossing a rope bridge over the Indus River in Western Tibet, two men in foregroundEarly 20th CenturyUnknown00.1724