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Sorted AscendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Bi-colored jug4th century C.E.Roman50.1571
Blue flask with white thread decorationfirst half of 1st century C.E.Roman50.1337
Boat ModelDynasty 12, ca. 1981-1802 B.C.E.Egyptian25.89A-H
Bowl1st half of 2nd century C.E. Roman50.1304
BowlEarly 3rd century B.C.86.193
Bowl2nd century B.C.E. - 1st century B.C.E.Greek50.1865
Bowl100 B.C.E. - 100 C.E.93.79
Media File Bowl2nd centuryRoman50.1302
Bowlca. 1900 B.C.E.25.772
Brother George the Scribelate 6th century - 7th centuryCoptic83.42