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Sorted AscendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Bowl2nd century BC - 1st century BCGreek50.1865
Bowl100 BC - 100 AD93.79
Media File Bowl2nd centuryRoman50.1302
Brother George the Scribelate 6th century - 7th centuryCoptic83.42
Bucchero cup6th century B.C.Etruscan85.296
Cameo earrings3rd century C.E.- 4th Century C.E.98.64.1A,B
Cinerary Urn and Cover3rd Century BC - 2nd century BCEtruscan50.1913A,B
Coffin lid of Henet-Mer1075-945 B.C.Egyptian65.65
Column Krater Vaseca. 500 B.C.Painted by Myson68.11
Comic Actor Incense Burner3rd century A.D.Roman95.23