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Sorted AscendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Incense burner in the form of a comic actor3rd century C.E.Roman89.7
Inkwell with lid1st centuryRoman50.1524A,B
Inscribed pale yellow beakermid 1st century A.D-later 1st century A.D.Roman50.1442
Jar4th Century ADRoman50.1480
JugEarly Iron Age25.777
Jug3rd century C.E.Roman74.47
Jug with basket weave patternfirst half of 1st century C.E.Roman50.1476
Krateriskos | ChaliceMid 14th-Late 13th c. B.C.Egyptian50.1248
Kylix Drinking Cup with horsemanca. 525 B.C.82.96