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Sorted AscendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Double sleeve band with ducks8th centuryCoptic98.12.4
Double-head flask3rd century C.E.Roman50.1432
Double-head flask3rd Century C.E. or laterRoman50.1437
Drinking Horn (Rhyton)second half of 1st century-early 2nd century C.E.Roman50.1900
Ear PlugDynasty 18, 1550-1295 B.C.E.24.1452
Ear stela dedicated to Ptahca. 1295-1070 B.C.EEgyptian59.433
Earring2nd century - 4th century C.E.Roman98.64.2
Earring/pendant in the form of a vase3rd century BCEGreek50.1727
Ennion Cupca. 40 - 50 C.E.Ennion50.1443
Eye-panel from coffin Dynasty 12, ca. 1981-1802 B.C.E.84.303