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Sorted AscendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Pomegranate-shaped vessel12th century BC50.1249
Portion of Frieze6th century-7th century A.D.Coptic81.331
Portrait bust of a ladyca. 150 ADRoman71.79
Portrait of a Young Man3rd CenturyRoman2001.4.1
Pyxis with lidearly to mid 1st century C.E.Roman50.1475A,B
Quadruple Headed Flask3rd Century ADRoman50.1436
Media File Ring with imitation agateRoman98.29.3
Rosewater Sprinkler11th-13th centuryIslamic2008.1.15
Seated Child HorusPtolemaic period (304-30 B.C.)Egyptian74.49
Shabti for Hor-Khebi, Royal Scribeearly Dynasty 26 (7th century B.C.)Egyptian50.579