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Sorted AscendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Altar Crossca. 6th century A.D.Coptic50.2277
Amphoraca. 530 B.C.E.Manner of the Antimenes Painter50.277
Media File Amphora with sacrifice sceneca. 550 B.C.E.-530 B.C.E79.161
Amphoriskos6th century -4th century B.C.E.50.1230
Media File Apis bullLate Period/Ptolemaic Period, ca. 730-712 BCE Egyptian85.70
Aryballos600-575 B.C.E.Greek29.1007
Aryballos1st century - 2nd century C.E..Roman50.1640
Band with animals in scrolls6th CenturyCoptic82.25
Media File Banded oil flask625-600 B.C.E.24.1239
Bangleca. 850-1050 CECoptic96.53.5