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Sorted AscendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Vishnu with Avatars and Attendants10th Century - 11th Century85.266
Vishnu with Avatars and AttendantsPala Period (8th-12th centuries)89.173
Vishnu with Consorts Sri-Lakshmi & Saraswatiearly 11th century (Pala Period 8th-12th centuries)89.148
Vishnu with Sri-Lakshmi and Saraswatica. 12th century (Pala Period 8th-12th centuries)88.390
Vishnu, The PreserverChola Dynasty, ca. 90082.185
VishnupattaPala Period (8th-12th centuries)89.164
Wall Border Tile with Green Saz Leaves, Turquoise Palmette Section with Red-and-White Carnation and White-and Red Daffodil late 16th-early 17th century, Ottoman Period (1299-1922) 29.888
Wall Tile with Turquoise Saz Leaf, Blue Hyacinth and Sections of Red and Blue Palmetteslate 16th or early 17th century, Ottoman Period (1299-1922) 26.38
Wall Tiles with Floral and Geometric Motifs17th century - 18th century97.88.1A-D
Wall Tiles with Iris, Lotus and Other Floral and Geometric Motifs17th century-18th century97.88.2A-C