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Welcome to the Newark Museum’s online Collections catalog.  This catalog highlights a portion of the Museum's vast number of objects representing American art, Decorative arts, Arts of Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Native America, and the ancient Mediterranean world.

To search this online collection, you can choose from one of the following:

+ Collections - Click the Collections menu option, then select from a list of object groups.

+ Search - Use the search box and GO button at the top right to perform a basic Search
                    (i.e. by artist name, title, or generic object name like "vase") or:

  • Advanced Object Search - Search objects using multiple fields or using partial data.
  • Advanced People Search - Search artists or makers by multiple biographical fields                                                    or partial data.

+ People - Click the People menu option, then select from a list of artists to learn more about
                    them and to view their artwork.

+ Sign On – Click the Sign On menu option, then create your own collection list based on your
                       topic of interest, and view lists created by other users.

For questions or comments regarding the use of this system, please e-mail

For more information on Terms of Use, contact information for suggested information changes, or information on the unavailability of certain images, click here.