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Factory Printed Textile | Commemorative cloth, Late 20th century

West Africa, Helmond, The Netherlands
Cotton, L: 65 in, W: 47 in
Purchase 1993 The Members' Fund  93.73
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Primary Title Notes: Cloth made to celebrate the visit of Pope John Paul II to West Africa
Sa Saintete le pape Jean Paul II (His Holiness Pope John Paul II)

Veritable Java Hollandais | Maxiprint | Vlisco 4950 R

Printed by Vlisco in Holland

Provenance: Ms. Kathleen E. Bickford bought this cloth in the CFCI Boutique Abidjan, Republic of Ivory Coast
Keywords: Java Print, Commemorative design, Religion, Catholic, Christianity, Pope, Textile, Factory Printed Textile, Commemorative cloth