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Milldam on the Whippany, 1877
John Alexander McDougall

1981 Newark Museum American Art Catalogue, Image H: 13.375 in, Image W: 20 in, Frame H: 19.125 in, Frame W: 24.75 in
Gift of Grace Trusdell, 1926  26.633
Not On View
Primary Title Notes: 1981 Newark Museum American Art Catalogue
recto: l.l. black paint "JMD [monogram] / 1877"

recto: l.c. label " JOHN ALEXANDER McDOUGALL 1810-1894 / MILL DAM ON WHIPPANY RIVER / GIFT OF MISS GRACIE TRUSDELL 1926"; from old backing on file: stamp "RABIN-KRUEGER GALLERY NEWARK, N.J." handwritten within stamp "wax line 1964"

Provenance: Miss GraceTrusdell, Newark, New Jersey
Keywords: Landscape