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Poke Bonnet, ca. 1935
Remick Neeson

Etching on ivory paper, Paper W: 25.10 cm, Paper H: 33.70 cm, Image W: 17.60 cm, Image H: 22.00 cm
Allocated by the U. S. Government, 1943. Commissioned through the New Deal art projects  43.608
Not On View
verso: b.c. red pencil "W.P.A. 1937 / Poke Bonnet 8 3/4/ x 9 / Rem Neeson"

verso: u.l. label "FAP #3 FEDERAL ART PROJECT 9950-C of the Work Progress Administration ARTIST NEESON, REMICK STATE MASSACHUSETTS MEDIUM ETCHING TITLE OF WORK POKE BONNET LOANED TO FAP NATIONAL 1734 NEW YORK AVENUE, N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. DATE JULY 22, 1937 This work is the property of the United States Government and is loaned subject to regulations of loan and is not to be removed" Stamped in blue ink on label "AUG 5 1937" Written in blue pencil on label "M"

Keywords: Residential, Industry, Chimney, Rooftop, Print, Works Progress Administration