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Young Artist, 1828
John Quidor

United States of America
Oil on panel, Image H: 20.375 in, Image W: 25.75 in, Frame H: 25.125 in, Frame W: 30.75 in
Purchase 1956 Sophronia Anderson Bequest Fund  56.180
On View
recto: l.c. brown paint "J. Quidor / April, 1828"; stretcher: u.c. red crayon "(51981)"

back of frame: u.l. handwritten paper label graphite "M. Knoedler Co., / 14 E. 57th St New York / 3-15-54 WB#43-53 / Mr. Richards"; back of frame: u.l. masking tape label graphite "A5Y'; u.l. printed paper label "No. 69858 / FRAME"; back of frame: c.l. masking tape label black marker "QUIDOR / YOUNG ARTIST'; label on file: printed paper label "NO. 69858 / PICTURE'; typed paper label "56.180 Young Artist by John Quidor, 1828 / Oil on panel / COLLECTION OF THE NEWARK MUSEUM"; label on file: typed paper label "JOHN QUIDOR (1801 - 1881) / 'Young Artist' 1828 Oil on panel [crossed out] canvas Feb 79 / 20 1/4 x 25 58" / Purchase, 1956, Sophronia Anderson Bequest / Fund"

Provenance: Robert Lebel, Paris (1930's); to Julius H. Weitzer, New York, New York; to M. Knoedler & Company, New York, New York (1954)
Exhibition History:
National Academy of Design, New York, New York (1828)

"John Quidor", The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York (1942)

Keywords: Landscape, Artist, Painting