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Teapot | Lid, 1873
Minton and Company

Christopher Dresser

Stoke-on-Trent, England
Earthenware, H: 8 in, W: 7 3/4 in, D: 6 1/8 in
Gift of Leah and David Roland in honor of Ulysses Grant Dietz, 2008  2008.26A,B
Not On View
Extensive marks on the bottom include: Printed blue underglaze mark: "MINTON" across a globe (which shows land masses, not the typical longitude and latitude lines, see Geoffrey Godden, p. 440) " Ribbon below the globe mark, following its curve, with "STORK." (pattern name) " Impressed lozenge shaped Registry mark, somewhat filled with glaze, but which appears to have IV at the top (class of goods) above 19 (day of the month), F in the right angle (year 1873), M or H in the bottom angle (June or April, respectively) and 2 in the left angle (batch number). " Impressed "MINTON" mark at footrim " Impressed "BB" mark below this, meaning "Best Body" for earthenware (see Geoffrey Godden, p. 440) " Impressed insignium for year 1873, consisting of a Maltese-cross like symbol of a small circle with four serrifed arms. " Impressed 5 or S.

Provenance: Collected by donor, who is a recently retired longtime antiques dealer specializing in English arts and crafts movement material
Keywords: Storks, Cranes, Teapot