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Stars II, 1983
Ben Jones

Jersey City, New Jersey
Mixed media
Purchase 1985 Metropolitan Life Foundation Grants for Minority Visual Arts and The Members' Fund  85.69A-O
Please contact museum for location.
Primary Title Notes: Accession card
Verso tape: "TR66 JONES POA / 5/9/85"

Provenance: The artist, Jersey City, N.J., 1983-1985
Exhibition History:
"20th Century Afro-American Artists", The Newark Museum, Newark, N.J. (6/18 - 10/14/85), Checklist #25

Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (c. 1984-1985) (Information from the artist, not confirmed)

The Works Gallery, Newark, New Jersey (c. 1984-1985). (Information from the artist, not confirmed).

Keywords: Figure, male