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Family Group, ca. 1750
John Wollaston

United States of America
Oil on canvas, Image H: 51.25 in, Image W: 71.125 in, Frame H: 58 in, Frame W: 78.25 in
Purchase 1956 The Members' Fund  56.231
On View
Provenance: Part of a 19th century English collection, presumably brought there during the American Revolution for safekeeping; with Hirschl & Adler Gallery, New York, New York
Exhibition History:
"Aspects of a Collection: 18th-19th Century American Paintings from The Newark Museum Collection", Knoedler Gallery, New York, New York (Mar. 1977)

"300 Years of New York City Families," Hawkins, Delafield & Wood (1966)

Keywords: Portrait, Family, Painting