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Flowers-Mountain Laural, ca. 1914
Edward Hale Lincoln

Carbon print, Image H: 12 7/16 in, Image W: 10 1/8 in, Paper H: 19 in, Paper W: 15 7/8 in
Purchase 1914  14.1154
Not On View
Primary Title Notes: Artist Card
verso: l.l. red ink "14.1154" paper verso: u.l. brown ink "#501"(with graphite line drawn through it); u.l. graphite "$2.-"; u.r. sideways graphite "3976"; c.r. to u.r. sideways graphite "Flowers - Mountain laurel"(script); l.l. to c.l. graphite "Edward Hale Lincoln purchase 1914"(script); l.l. graphite "14.1154"

paper verso: u.r. sideways stamp blue ink "Newark Museum Association, Newark, N.J."

Provenance: Edwin Hale Lincoln, Pittsfield, Massachusetts (Object Card)
Keywords: Laurel, Branch, Photograph