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Clerestory window from Madison State Bank, Madison, Minnesota, 1912-1913
Edward L. Sharretts

William Gray Purcell

George Grant Elmslie

Purcell and Elmslie, Architects

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Glass, lead, bronze, H: 75 in, W: 22 3/4 in, D: 9/16 in
Purchase 2009 Helen McMahon Brady Cutting Fund and Wallace M. Scudder Bequest Fund  2009.10
Not On View
Provenance: Originally nine vertical panels and two skylights (one in the banking hall, one outside the chief officer's office at the back) were installed in 1912 in the Madison State Bank, Madison, MN. Six windows of clerestory and two skylights removed when building razed in 1968. Four clerestory panels and office skylight in private collection until acquired by Bruce Barnes in 2008. Minneapolis Art Institute owns the partially reconstructed banking floor skylight. Two remaining clerestory windows still in a private collection. St. Louis Museum purchased one of the four held by Bruce Barnes; he sold another at auction in June 2010
Keywords: Stained glass, Window