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Dzedodo (Conversation), 2011
Atta Kwami

Acrylic on linen, H: 48 in, W: 48 in
Purchase 2012 Alberto Burri Memorial Fund established by Stanley J. Seeger  2012.9
© Atta Kwami
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Primary Title Notes: Dzedodo is an Ewe word for conversation. (Ewe is the language of the Volta Region in eastern Ghana, and parts of Togo and Benin Republic.) Whenever there is an issue there is a call for a conversation. The literal translation of Dzedodo from Ewe relates to the process of heaping up salt crystals; suggesting how something gets into a state of flux: the crystals at the top roll down to the bottom and are heaped up again repeating the inevitable process.
Provenance: Atta Kwami, 2011-2012.
Exhibition History:
"Present Tense: Arts of Contemporary Africa," permanent installation, Newark Museum, Newark, New Jersey (installed 2012).

Keywords: Modern and Contemporary, Painting