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Sorted AscendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Belt (hizam)early 20th century27.104
Belt Buckle with Narrative SceneQajar Period (1789-1925) 29.787
Bidriware Hookah Base with Carnation Motif17th century, Mughal Period (1526-1857)41.1094
Bidriware Lidded Ewer and Betel Set with Floral Motifslate Mughal Period (1526-1857)2013.17.1-9A,B
Book Cover with Geometric Motifs1875-190033.347
Book of Turkish Poetry in Turkish Language Written with Naskhi Script1784, Ottoman Period (1299-1922)28.542
Bookstand (Rehal) with Geometric MotifOttoman Period (1299-1922) 20.858
Bowl with Eight-Pointed Star, Floral and Geometric Motifslate 18th century - early 19th century80.33
Bowl with Foliate and Geometric Motifs13th century-early 14thcentury,Ilkhanid Period (1256-1353) 61.7
Bowl with Foliate and Geometric Motifsca. 160041.1233