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Sorted AscendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Statuette of a Lar1st century - 2nd century C.E.Roman2002.33
Statuette of Aphrodite5th century A.D.Coptic74.51
Statuette of God Heron4th century CECoptic85.292
Statuette of the God BesThird Intermediate Period (1080-712 B.C.E.)Egyptian92.38
Tall Cylindrical Bottlelate 1st century A.D. - 2nd century A.D.50.1619
Tall Jug4th century ADRoman50.1605
Tall-necked Unguentarium3rd century A.D.Roman50.1691
Tall-necked Unguentariumlate 2nd century - early 3rd century A.D.Roman50.1753
Taweret amuletDynasty 19-20, ca. 1295-1070 BCE Egyptian67.268
Textile6th century - 8th centuryCoptic67.295