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Sorted DescendingTitleDisplay Date Artist/Maker Object Number
Writing Box (suzuribako) with Landscape and Chrysanthemum MotifEdo Period (1615-1868)9.815A-F
Wrapping Cloth20th century88.583
Wrapping Cloth20th centuryKorean2001.10.1
Wrapping ClothLate 20th centuryJin Yuan Shan2002.62.6
Wrapping ClothLate 20th centuryJin Yuan Shan2002.62.7
Wrapping ClothLate 20th centuryChunghie Lee2006.50.2
Wool boots with cording and leather solesmid 20th century81.357A,B
Wooden Rice Cake Stamp20th century95.113.8
Wooden Rice Cake StampEarly 20th centuryUnknown2010.15.1
Wooden PillowLate 19th centuryKorean2002.40